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As Indigenous Artists we found that our art was not accepted to be part of shows in some of our communities art galleries. In speaking with other Indigenous Artists, we found that they experienced the same situation. We created Cedar Sage & Sweetgrass with the goal of giving Indigenous Artists a forum where they could show their best art, connect and encourage one another.

Cedar Sage & Sweetgrass also seeks to encourage and promote young Indigenous Artists. That has been accomplished through interaction with our Feature Artist and other accomplished Artists that are in our shows.

We have been happy to have all three Indigenous Peoples recognized in Canada – First Nations, Metis, Inuit – represented at most of our shows.

Each of our shows has its own uniqueness. The Artists are chosen for that particular show including a Feature Artist. Some shows include Indigenous entertainment. Others have Indigenous food, wine, coffee, tea. It’s an opportunity to show all wonderful Indigenous things.


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