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David Carey is a photographic artist based in Port Moody, BC. Carey holds an MFA in Photography from Bard College, New York. He has participated in many one-person shows and group shows, published a children’s book and has had his photographs featured in Photo Life magazine. Carey’s most recent work involves fanciful, imaginary themes made possible with the creative features of Photoshop. In support of his ideas Carey has experimented with the integration of different forms of artwork into his digital photographs. He has successfully blended sketches, drawings, old photographs, and 3D objects into regular digital images. He is also very interested in the alchemy that happens when objects from one environment are moved to a very different context. His most recent show at the Outlet Gallery reimagined the illustrations from his favorite childhood book – The Wonder Book of Aircraft – from the pages of the book to various locations in his home. A previous show miniaturized the cabins at Finn Slough to occupy interesting corners of the artist’s condo. A recent portfolio documents the life of bookworms who live in antique, collectible books and then build creations that match the content and ideas in the book. Carey’s work in progress involves creating 3D images of dinosaurs and placing them in urban scenarios around the world. Visit the fanciful show of photographs, The Gnomes of Port Moody, a collaboration between David Carey and artist Michel LeBlanc on exhibition at PoMoArts Centre.

Carey, David

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  Carey, David


  Port Moody, BC, Canada

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This adventure and photographic project happened in the year before Covid 19 entered our lives. For hundreds of years gnomes have lived in the forests in the Tri-cities area. They kept to themselves and were rarely seen. Recently a shift happened in the gnome community. Many of them grew bored with the forest life. As Port Moody gradually developed into an exciting, vibrant hub of activities they were drawn to the city life. Fighting depression and discouragement they approached the Regional Council and asked permission to allow all gnomes to participate in Port Moody activities. After much thought the council gave them the permission they were looking for but with one condition. They had to devote a certain amount of time each month to helping with the work that went on to maintain the Port Moody community. This they readily agreed to do. As a photographer I was eager to document the gnomes transition to city life. I photographed them as they eagerly participated in the construction upgrades to the library and “gnomed” an information booth on car-free day. I witnessed their enjoyment as they had a few beers at the Parkside Brewery, entertained at the Gallery Bistro and had a ball on White Pine Beach on Sasamat Lake. Their transition to community participation hasn’t been too disruptive for regular folk who can only see gnomes if they believe in them or if the gnomes purposely make themselves visible as in their Gallery Bistro performance. My hope is that this photography show will cause minds to open and more and more people will see the gnomes day-to-day and interact with them. This venture was a collaborative project between myself and my good friend Michel LeBlanc an artist living in Winnipeg. He lovingly drew the gnomes and brought them to life with their animated expressions. Sadly, shortly after Covid struck the gnomes went back to their forest life with plans of coming out again once life is back to normal.

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