Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Metal/Wood Artist

Pat Calihou is an active Métis Nation British Columbia citizen and one of the founders/artists of the Indigenous Artist-Run Collective: Cedar Sage and Sweetgrass, alongside fellow artist Maryanne Lindberg. The Métis Nation of BC recognizes Pat for his creative outreach and education in schools, communities, and correctional institutions committed to sharing Canadian Indigenous histories and revitalizing Métis culture. 

He is a self-taught carver and craftsman known for building a model Red River cart and a voyageur paddle for Fort Langley National Heritage Site in 2018. In collaboration with Parks Canada, he recently was commissioned to create a 43-foot-long wood replica of York boats used by 1800’s Fur Trade voyageurs from the Hudson’s Bay Company. He took on this project to pass on Métis history to future generations and to honour his great-great-grandfather Michel Calihou, who was a riverboat pilot for the HBC in Edmonton and built the vessels that carried furs and goods between trading posts and forts. In 2020, this project became a permanent part of Fort Langley’s bateau collection.

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