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Kat Brackley was born in Montreal and her current home base is Vancouver, BC, Canada. She has been a professional photographer and writer for 15+ years as well as an artist and entrepreneur. Kat's childhood was filled with travel, hiking, wildlife and nature where she gained an enormous respect and appreciation for the planet. She continues to travel whenever possible in a social responsible way by choosing eco-friendly, sustainable options. This year Kat is sharing her knowledge with other Creatives though online Bootcamps and courses and soon her new free podcast and blog.

Brackley, Kat

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  Brackley, Kat


  Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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As a photographer, I feel incredibly humbled by some of the places I have had the opportunity to visit and capture through my lens. I am also aware that I am capturing a moment of history; these places may not remain in the future or may forever be changed if we don't take action against climate change. It's amazing the care that goes into preserving and protecting historical places and monuments yet I wonder why isn't the planet as a whole being preserved and protected in this same way? I hope by capturing and sharing my work, it will give the viewer a glimpse at our amazing planet and the hope that they too will want to help preserve and protect it.

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