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Vancouver-based artist Tiffany Blaise makes contemporary landscape paintings. In her practice, Tiffany explores the themes of movement and transformation through reinterpreting subjects such as dramatic coastlines and swirling skies. Her abstract ​artwork unites the physical landscape with the world of the mind. “​My art practice is a journey rooted in the exploration of thoughts and nature. I want to portray the connection between our inner nature and the landscape that surrounds us.” She sources imagery of dramatic landscapes and seascapes while adventuring around British Columbia and abroad. Tiffany aims to help people surround themselves with uplifting artwork that connects them to nature and presents an opportunity for contemplation.

Blaise, Tiffany

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  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Through sights, sounds and signals, waves have always connected us to each other and the world. The ​Sea Power ​series is inspired by the movement and energy of the ocean. It expresses the transformative power and vitality of the sea along with its intimate link to human emotion. Close-up views of crashing waves are depicted in an abstract style with bold gesture and colour. Several layers of oil paint and wax are piled, carved and shaped with a palette knife in an impasto technique to create paintings with a dynamic and sculptural quality.

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