Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Fibre Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

Shane Bagni is a leather worker from Calgary, Alberta, who got his start in leather craft while attending the Alberta College of Art and Design. Entirely self-taught, Shane describes his style of design as minimal and functional, and creates goods that are meant to be used daily, and passed down as heirlooms. When not creating custom work for clients, or designing new products for his small leather goods company, Shane teaches leather craft workshops, helping people create products with their own hands. Having lived in the lower mainland for the past 6 years, Shane uses influence from west coast imagery, landscapes, and animals as inspiration for his latest works, using the sockeye salmon as the icon representing his brand.

Bagni, Shane

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  New Westminster, BC, Canada

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My work has a simple aesthetic that complements the natural grain patterns and marks present on animal hides. I hand sew every stitch, hammer each rivet and stamp my logo into each piece as the final step, to signify the completion of a piece that I am proud of, and one that I am confident will hold up for generations. Working primarily with leather, I make functional and fashionable goods crafted to last a lifetime. Leather’s natural characteristic to darken and patina with use is kept in mind during my design process. As wearers use my goods, the leather will pick up subtle marks from oils in their hands, darken from the sun, and speckle with moisture; these become unique to each piece and ultimately tell the story of where the piece has travelled and who has carried it.

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