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Niloufar absolutely loves that art brings out the beauty in everyone. Art expresses with colour, texture, and shape, emotions that cannot simply be felt in words. She fell in love with art very simply, and very early. At age three after she showed her parents a painting of the sun she drew, they enrolled her in art class and she has continued to blossom. Niloufar has received several scholarships from Arts Umbrella in Granville Island, B.C., that carried her through 4 years of lessons. In this time, she was a part of exhibitions held at the Vancouver Art Gallery, and other shows in Vancouver that exhibited "Budding Artists". Niloufar graduated high school with honours in art and several art awards, and has been painting throughout her entire post secondary education adventure. Niloufar was an assistant instructor at Arts Umbrella, and now wants to share the beauty of drawing and painting with Port Moody Art Centre students. The Art Centre was where she first picked up a paint brush and took risks, only to discover, 8 years later, that there are truly no mistakes when it comes to creating masterpieces.

Aran, Niloufar

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  Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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There is so much beauty in this world that can inspire. All minds, young and wise, have the incredible capacity to bring joy and fascination to explore our creativities—that truly have no bounds—through artistic endeavours. I aspire to inspire, and am forever learning, teaching, and growing.