Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Photo/Film Artist

I was born and raised in Mexico City, where I graduated from Communications and Film Production. Six years ago, I moved to Vancouver to study Creative Writing, and I have been living here ever since with my adopted cat and my adopted boyfriend, Since a very early age, I developed a great interest in nature, a love for traveling, and a passion for storytelling. As a travel writer and photographer, I’ve been able to integrate all these activities into my professional life.

Aramburu, Mariana

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  Aramburu, Mariana

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  Langley, BC, Canada

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Taking pictures has become a unique way of expressing myself. As a multicultural artist, sometimes it's easier to convey a message with an image than finding the right words. As with all my creative projects, my photography reflects my passion for travel and my love for nature. Like most foreigners in Canada, I’ve experienced some form of racism. So, apart from bringing some color into the world, I like to think my work inspires people to overcome the fear of the unknown, learn from different cultures, and bring down the misconceptions they have of other inhabitants on our planet.

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