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Olga Andrienko is a professional Fine Arts tutor and potter. After completing two Fine Arts degrees in her home country, Olga taught gifted and aspiring artists in a State University for over 10 years. Since then, Olga has worked as a private tutor and professional potter in Vancouver for last 15 years. Due to her professional and structured approach to teaching, she has helped both seasoned artists and aspiring children develop their methodology, skills, vision and artistic passion. Olga has also had extensive experience working for professional pottery studios where she has both helped develop designs and run workshops for many schools and large companies such as Vancity, BMO and RBC.

Andrienko, Olga

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  Andrienko, Olga


  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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For the last 15 years have had the pleasure of expressing myself through the medium of pottery. I find joy not only in my own work but also in the process of teaching others. Through my years of experience as a fine-arts educator, I have had the chance to teach children of different ages and adults the various methodologies and the beauty that come with making pottery. My principals of teaching are simplicity, structure, learning by example and reproducibility. Through my lessons, I hope to help students develop their visual memory, concentration, proportions, analysis-synthesis, comparison, generalization, emotion and aesthetic.

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