Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

Born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Yasir's journey with art started as an exploratory process of understanding the real through the abstract. Over the past ten years he has been part of art shows both in Canada and U.A.E. He obtained an engineering degree from the University of Alberta in 2014. When not in the studio; he enjoys spending time outdoors. Yasir has been an active member of various NGO's for the past 6 years, and is presently working towards creating a cohesive understanding of art with respect to community resiliency and engagement. Yasir currently works in design/construction as part of the Design-Build Industry in Vancouver.

Ali, Yasir

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  Burnaby, BC, Canada

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Having lived the majority of my life in busy metropolitan centres in Canada and the Middle East; my art has been heavily influenced by the people, community and surroundings I have lived in. My work is primarily aimed at exploring fragments of societal constructs that reflect the state of evolution that we are constantly in. Having an engineering background rooted in processes and systems that follow rigid practices; I find abstract art to be the perfect canvas in representing work that is constantly in flux. Art that knows no bounds or rules, and that has infinite permutations and combinations. The constant juxtaposition of different aesthetics, backgrounds, architecture, the human environmental impact, societal norms all combine to create multiple realities for people living in the same community. From the outside this might seem a constant, but the day by day evolution of how these transform and impact their inhabitants is what develops and grows the crux of the community we live in. Engaging all members of the community in this artistic dialog and conversation especially the youth is critical to not only allow a deeper engagement and appreciation of the arts, but to also instill a continual artistic appreciation on our journey in life. All my pieces are mixed media – with acrylics playing a big role in setting the tone and contrast of every piece. This is then complemented with gel mediums, spray paints, and wax – the usage of which is dependent on the nature of the work.

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