Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist

Jean Abbott has always lived locally, having grown up in Pitt Meadows, and later having settled in Maple Ridge. She took evening painting classes for a number of years, but with a busy teaching career and family life, she eventually found herself with very little time for her art. 

However, since retiring in 2006, she has joined three art clubs, thus meeting and becoming friends with a number of other artists. She continues to be inspired by their many styles and mediums, and to further challenge herself to become a better painter.

Jean works mainly with acrylics, but also does some watercolor and oil painting. Her style is realistic, and is often based on her photos, used alone or in combination.

Abbott, Jean

Contact Details

  Abbott, Jean

  Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Samples of my work

Artist Statement

With my  painting   entitled   “A Cool Retreat”,  I was pushing my boundaries  by working with so many shades of green,  a colour that I don’t often use as the dominant one in my artwork.  At the same time,  I was trying to create an atmosphere that the viewer could identify with: the relief of moving out of the summer heat and into the refreshing coolness of a forest setting, and the opportunity to stroll along trails through flickering sunlight and shade.

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