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A classically trained and self-developed artist, Eunkyo studied visual design in South Korea. She was trained in pencil detail and colour theory for a year (typical of Southeastern Asian art school curriculum) along with private and group art classes in fundamentals of art since the age of 5. After graduating from design school, she worked as a designer and freelance illustrator. She has spent her artistic career in Canada blending disciplined study with West Coast nuance. Eunkyo practices her oil painting daily now at 100 Braid studios in New Westminster. Her highly imaginative artwork runs the gamut from the darkly humorous and sometimes creepy - expressing the simple response to the current events in this complex world. She practices mostly in oil resent years exploring her own inner mind through imaginations and dreams.

Kim, Eunkyo

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  Kim, Eunkyo

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  Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada

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Inspirations for my artworks could come from anywhere and everywhere. For example, walking through the beautiful colors of leaves on a tree in autumn-where I see a lovely little face of a fairy peaking trough the leaves- to urge to heal my sad soul caused by tragic events that are happening in the world, Sometimes it is a mystical creature popped in my dream that full analysis of the dream is yet to discover. My Artistic process tends to be joyful and healing. Although the inspirations are always more complex. My artworks are important documentations of moments that are important to me. Moments which consciously and unconsciously leave long-lasting impressions in my mind.

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