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Clay art is an activity that can be very addictive and involves considerable time. Myrta started ceramics as a hobby (while working in Biology) and gradually increased the time she was spending on it. She’s attended various workshops and kept herself informed reading about the latest developments in ceramics and clay art. She is constantly trying out new methods and loves to experiment with new glazes and new techniques. Lately, she’s experienced injury to her shoulder which resulted in her choosing a new path and concentrating on mostly handbuilt clay art. Myrta was invited to participate in a show, “Wine Tastes”, at the Port Moody Arts Centre in 2006 where she received a special recognition for her work. Later, in 2007, she had her first solo show at the Port Moody Arts Centre where she was interviewed by the local newspaper. She has also displayed at the former Gallery Bistro and the Fraser River Discovery Center.

Hayes, Myrta

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  Hayes, Myrta

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  Port Moody, BC, Canada

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This exhibit features a variety of different types of Myrta’s ceramic work decorated using various techniques. A few smaller items are wheel thrown, most newer items are organic shapes, altered and hand built. It ranges from functional matt and shiny glazed stoneware (e.g. vase, candle holders); to more decorative small porcelain bowls.

My Current Exhibitions: