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Homegrown B.C. artist Nolan Drew is a graduate of Emily Carr University with a major in Ceramics and Painting. He has been an active visual artist for 23 years. He is a former resident of Medalta Clay Studios in Medicine Hat, Alberta and founded Throwing Neon Studios with his partner Mary, which has shown work in galleries across the country. He has been teaching ceramics for 6 years and is currently the ceramic artist-in-residence at Port Moody Arts Centre. His classes are immersive, free-flowing and student focused. The students in his ceramics class will learn a wide array of wheel throwing, hand building, and surface treatment techniques within a fun and supportive class atmosphere.

Drew, Nolan

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  New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

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Art in a frame, is like an eagle in a birdcage. The inspiration for my artwork comes from the process of time that is present in decomposition and regrowth. Deterioration of material is fascinating to me. I enjoy seeing how the frame, or scope of reality, exists as an organic entity. Left abandoned, objects that were moved there stay to decompose. Then, the regrowth begins. Using form and bold colour with my symbology and language, I play with compositional relationships. I can start to break down the elements and deconstruct the frame. My new work plays with the notion of a reverse still life. I throw, alter and hand-build vessels only after they are completed 2-dimensional paintings. When displayed together they will be snapshots of their own creation. Their relationship will also investigate new ways to look at the connection between the world of ceramics and painting.

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