Make your visit even more interactive by booking an Art Connect field trip!

Art Connect combines an exhibition tour with hands-on art activities related to the exhibited art.
Students will experience art in various ways, learning through art activities in which they use verbal and tactile communication techniques to comprehend, connect, and create art.
Art Connect is available in English and French.

To book a tour, fill out our online request form and we will get back to you. 

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We are currently booking in-person tours based on the following exhibitions:

1. Stitched Together (Grades 2-12) | Offered from January 12 to February 15, 2023 (This exhibition displays different approaches to the rich textures of fibre arts by three artists. Line and shape informs this work, interacting with colours, designs and using different techniques are essential to this artistic process. )

2. Ceramics in Flux (Grades 2-12) | Offered from February 23 to March 28, 2023 (A juried exhibition by the TriCity Potters of ceramic art referencing the state of fluidity and constant change of life and the activities that link us to this art and it’s glazing process. )

Duration: Two hours
Capacity: Maximum 30 students per class and up to 6 adult chaperones
Price: $150 per class

Art Connect is a field trip based program that integrates BC cross-curricular Big Ideas and Learning Standards. 

PoMoArts continues to follow the most current BC health guidelines that align with local Public School Districts.